Why don't cows die of heart attacks if milk is high in fat and cholesterol?

Answer It's a vast cow conspiracy to end the human race.

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Is it bad for the heart if you have high cholesterol and low blood sugar?

YES High cholesterol is really bad for the heart See a doctor ; because you need medication and if you do not get treated you will die young

Can doctors use a pigs heart or a cows heart for a human heart transplant?

Let's think about size -- a cow's heart is simply too large to be placed in the existing spot in a human. It is true that a baboon's heart was placed in a baby, but she survived just one day with ... Read More »

What is missing from soya milk to make less white than pasteurised cows milk?

Could it be the sugar content of milk. Seeing as cows eat grass, it contains a sugar called Lactose. Lactose is not present in soy milk.Edit: However it would seem that Casein which is rich in c... Read More »

What's the difference between almond milk and regular cows milk?

The Healthier Choice: Almond Milk vs. MilkAlmond milk is a popular milk substitute that is made by mixing finely ground almonds with water. Almond milk has a very high nutritional value and, unlike... Read More »