Just left my butter beans overnight in water but dont want to eat them yet should I just leave them in water?

Answer Go ahead and cook them, drain them, and store that in the fridge. Otherwise if you left them in the water you have to guess how long they need to cook and they'll take up a lot more room in the fr... Read More »

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I dont know where to get water for the house?

I believe you saw a rainbarrel system, where you collect the downspouts into large drums and then use that for watering the lawn & garden.

What happens when you dont water a plant enough?

It starts to wither up and leaves start to drop like it's begging for water.

How do cats drink water?

Cats require water for health. If you cat doesn't get enough water, he may have kidney problems very similar to any other animal that doesn't get enough water. Cats are very well adapted to get wat... Read More »

Why dont people drink tap water?

You're lucky - my water is clear but boy does it taste of chemicals ??? In the past week its got worse and tea made with tap water tastes like its had disenfectant added - its disgusting !!!!!