Why dont Buses have seat belts?

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Why are there no seat belts on buses?

Buses are designed to protect passengers through passive safety features integrated into their designs, such as high seat backs, energy-absorbing materials and strong seat anchors.ReasonsWhile car ... Read More »

Why do buses have no seat belts?

United States law requires people riding in motor vehicles to wear seat belts. Buses are an exception to this law; most do not have seat belts.Federal RequirementsThe National Highway Transportatio... Read More »

Should seat belts be put on School buses?

I fully agree with UCANTCME no we do not and should not. The only busses that have seatbelts are the special needs busses. I drive a school bus and have for 8 yrs, I know what it is like to try and... Read More »

Why school buses don't use seat belts?

So the government doesn't have to pay welfare for the kids that died. The governement isnt that stupid lol. They know there welfare checks are going straight to the mothers so they can buy drugs. T... Read More »