Why don't black people tip?

Answer JOHN-- if you have such qualms about tipping, then why do you suggest adding it to the bill? why are you going to take it out on the server b/c the resturant industry is messed up? is that fair? ... Read More »

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Is Hip Hop black music that black people dont listen to anymore?

I think you have a "few" racial hangups. You are trying to add music to the new sterotype of racial hangups. It just doesn't work. If you look at the number of "white" undergroud rappers there a... Read More »

Whats goes well with a black dress, i really dont want to wear a black shoe?

Red red red!Or white. Or cream. Any colour will work with black if you accessorize all the same colour (bag, shoes, hair etc)Hollie xo

I dont have black tea for my pink eye would ginger black tea work the same?

Either tea will do nothing to help the pink eye, except provide comfort. In order to get rid of the pink eye, you need to get a prescription from your doctor.i wish you well.

I just bought a black light and i dont know what to do with it?

put it up in your living room so when you have guests over drinkin or whatev you can turn it on and play some music and its your own lil club :D