Why don't TV stations change their HDTV broadcasts?

Answer Cost.

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Will TV stations such as CBS2 or ABC7 change their slogans when they turn to all digital broadcasts in 2009?

Good question!Actually that was the exact argument posed by TV stations very early in the rollout. So, the FCC decided (an put into law), that a station's displayed digital channel number must be ... Read More »

If you dont have cable would it be best to get a 1080p hdtv?

Yes. and it would be best to get HDTV even if you do have cable.

If you dont have an hdtv, do you have to go buy new hdtvs for the new cable service?

No, the digital conversion has to do with the cable box reception. Also, you will get the HD shows/movies on your regular set. But they will be in a letterbox format like wide screen DVDs.

Toshiba HDTV: How to Change to 1080 From 480?

Toshiba HDTV sets are programmed with picture resolution settings that allow you to adjust the video quality. A screen resolution of 1080 is the highest quality setting available. Standard definiti... Read More »