Why don't "Low Hangin' Pants" designers fashion their pants 5-6 inches shorter so they don't drag underfoot?

Answer It's "Or".…

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I dont know what to do. i found this blood spot on my pants and when i went to the bathroom i saw more!!!!!?

Oh, you are fine.There's nothing to worry about. All girls get this. Its called a period, or menstruation in which your vagina sheds the lining of blood they use to cushion the egg when its fertili... Read More »

Dont hours get shorter as the days go by?

no.365 days in a year.12 months in a year.52 weeks in a year.7 days in a week.24 hours in a day.60 minutes in an hour.60 seconds in a's the same all day and all night.

How do i convert pants size to inches?

Converting Pant Sizes to InchesLook at the size tag on the pair of pants. If the number shown is in the "28," "30," "32" format, the size is already shown in inches. If the number is in the "2," "4... Read More »

Can you get pregnant if you have your panties on and your BF has his pyajama pants and briefs on when having dry sex and he got his pants slightly wet?

Very unlikely. But you guys better be careful. I see birth control in you future....