Why don't I look good with makeup?

Answer Well, I think you look very pretty in that photo. The makeup appears well-applied. But from the way you describe yourself...if you're tan, purple may not be the right color for you. True purples ar... Read More »

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I dont think I look good without makeup but I wanna go to school without it?

Be comfortable with the skin your in you don't need make up to inhance your looks so what u look sleepy your still beautiful

Are their any good cheap shoes websites, i dont care if their fake as long as i dont get ripped off plese help?

If they're cheap, and they break after a week, YOU WILL be getting ripped off! I've had that happened to med. You can pay a little bit more if shoes last for years, so wearing fakes also help supp... Read More »

Im 14 and i dont wear makeup?

not at all :) some girls looks better without, and i have some friends that dont wear makeup and there 16. And no one thinks there weird :p

Why dont guys like it when girls where makeup?

Well, I think that it's nasty for a girl to wear "skin make up", or foundation, or w/e you want to call it, because it's nasty and blotchy looking, and it messes up your skin in the long run. And a... Read More »