Why don't I have any audio with youtube I worked yesterday...?

Answer I'm not familiar with your particular problem, but it seems tobe getting pretty common. I see questions like yours nearly every day now on Yahoo.So I did a whole lot of searching and reading, going... Read More »

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Once discharged from a job dont employer have to pay you for past income that was worked?

When you are fired, the employer must pay you the wages that you have earned.

How to Record Audio from YouTube with Audio Hijack Pro (Mac)?

Audio Hijack Pro is a free program for Mac computers that can be used to record audio from any application in mp3 file form, including YouTube videos in a web browser. It records the audio only fro... Read More »

I've started lifting weights. Yesterday I worked my arms, and today my elbows are very sore. Normal?

Im 13and I was post to start my period yesterday and still haven't and everytime i eat something i want to puke it back upbut i dont hav morning sicknes only have night sickness and my x left me?

your just a late bloomer. and the puking thing is probably nerves. you should go see a gastronologist!