Why don't I enjoy food as much lately?

Answer loss of appetite usually comes from being depressed or having some kind of illness ........ I hope neither of those are happening to you!

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What food that you enjoy so much that you never get tired of?

hmm...there are a few:TomatoesChickenPotatoesBreadCollards=]

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

hahahaha i love you (if that was intended to be a joke)

What would be the most bizzare food you've eaten lately?

a bandaidit wasnt that bad.. just tastes like papery plastic

How to Enjoy Junk Food?

Junk Food. The two words that dieters, dentists, and doctors don't like. Kids love it, and pregnant women crave it. There are certain rules in enjoying and eating junk food.