Why dont Harley Davidson riders wave back if you are not riding a Harley and wave to them?

Answer I have many Harley riders wave at me while riding our Yamaha so I dont have a problem with it.

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Bikers wave....harley davison...?

I've been riding Harleys for 38 years. The harley riders who won't wave back because of the kind of bike you prefer to ride are in my mind arrogant knuckleheads, Before I could afford a Harley I ro... Read More »

If i'm a nerd with a skin disease and I owned a Harley could I still hang out and ride with Harley Riders?

You are welcome to ride with us. On an average ride we have;- a computer repair tech- 3 or 4 olde retired pharts- two lesbians- one veterinarian- a couple of "poseurs"- one plumber that we nickname... Read More »

What's your favorite moment riding a Harley Davidson?

My wife and I and a couple of other club members rode to Corpus Christi, Tx. last Memorial Day weekend. We left at 2:00pm, ran into rain about 3:00pm, ran out of the rain 300 miles later just out o... Read More »

Is riding a Harley Davidson with one hand Safe?

I believe it would depend on the amount of experience that you have riding. ;)