Are there any android phones that will work with both Cricket and T-mobile?

Answer no, not unless Cricket has changed their phone. You see T mobile has a SIM card and the only other companies that have that is AT&T . You can used an unlocked AT&T phone on T mobile or vice versa b... Read More »

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Do Cricket phones have GPS systems in them?

Yes, you can access GPS services on Cricket wireless mobile phones. Cricket wireless phones feature the Cricket Navigator app, which allows you to find any location in their data coverage areas.Sou... Read More »

Do Cricket phones have SIM cards?

Cricket phones do not use SIM cards. SIM cards are required only for phones that use GSM cellular technology (most phones). Cricket uses a CMDA network, which doesn't require the use of SIM cards.S... Read More »

Are Cricket phones equipped for Bluetooth?

Cricket phones are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Cricket phones also feature an array of other features such as a digital camera, text and picture messaging, voice recognition and mobile web... Read More »

Can Verizon Wireless phones be flashed to Cricket?

Verizon Wireless phones can be flashed to work with Cricket Wireless service. Neither Verizon nor Cricket will preform this service directly, but many third-party companies will do the conversion f... Read More »