Why doesn't your African violet produce flowers?

Answer Your violet are not receiving enough light or enough nitrogen, fertilizer.

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African Violet Diseases and Small Flowers?

African violets light up the indoors with their pert, vibrant blooms. Occasionally, this houseplant experiences problems with diseases that cause small or nonexistent flowers. Understanding the sig... Read More »

What do African violet roots look like?

The root system of an African violet Houseplant are fine, tan colored. Wild violets that grow outside have a little different root system, are a little thicker and hardier for outside weather condi... Read More »

What is Russian African violet?

There are some Russian Hybridizers that have raised very large varieties of African violets within the last five or so years. Please see the related link.

What does an African violet plant look like?

Please view the related link below by clicking on the link. There are many gorgeous African violet varieties.