Why doesn't windows vista recognize my motherboard?

Answer Is your mainboard Vista compliant?

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How Do I Get Windows Vista to Recognize My USB MIDI Device?

A USB MIDI device is a type of external computer keyboard that allows you to make electronic music on your Windows Vista computer. For you to be able to use this USB MIDI device, an important progr... Read More »

How to Get Windows Vista to Recognize More Than 3GB?

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How much memory can Windows Vista Premium 32-bit recognize?

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit edition can handle a maximum of 4 GB of physical memory. All other 32-bit editions of Windows Vista share the same 4 GB limit except Windows Starter edition which ... Read More »

Windows Vista 64 Bit Won't Recognize Wireless Networks?

If you're running the Windows Vista 64-bit version on your computer and it won't recognize a wireless network that you know is there, chances are that the wireless router you are using is not compa... Read More »