Why doesn't wikipedia have Jennifer Love Hewitt's cup size?

Answer they should just stamp that important information on a womans forehead, right about the time they sew their lips shut for peace purposes..........not the south of the border lips either

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Can I have this hairstyle like Jennifer Love Hewitt to a prom (pic included)?

I highly supportive you wear the feather hair extensions, but I also found an awesome headband for you on the website you referred. It's a feather hair headband. You can choose the color that suits... Read More »

How disc brakes doesnt allow the vehicle to skid when it doesnt have any sensors at the wheels like ABS?

ABS and disk brakes are not mutually exclusive. Most modern cars with disk brakes have ABS - commonly the wheel speed sensor is mounted on or near the brake caliper.Per your edit: That also doesn't... Read More »

How to Get Jennifer Love Hewitt Hair?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the embodiment of the "girl next door" and her hairstyles change frequently. Part of Jennifer's fame is due to her long flowing tresses and simple elegance seen on and off t... Read More »

Has Jennifer love hewitt had a baby?