Why doesnt the dollar store (99€ store,dollar tree,dollarama) offer refunds or exchanges?

Answer They can't afford to do it. They are working on a skin tight profit margin as it is. They don't have the luxury of the big box stores. Those items come with no guarantees.

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When should restaurants give out refunds/exchanges?

When---at the time of the meal--if the food is awful, take one bite only and ask your waitress to come over and complain.They will replace it.-

How much will it cost to set-up a Dollar Store?

The Dollar Store is a franchise operation, requiring a fee in exchange for using the Dollar Store name and system. As of February 2011, a Dollar Store franchise costs $51,900. This includes everyth... Read More »

How to Buy Dollar Store Products?

My Dollar Store Inc. is an international corporation with operations in the U.S, Argentina and the U.K. It is a franchise organization allowing anyone to purchase a Dollar Store and profit from it... Read More »

How to Establish a Dollar Store?

The dollar store concept that has developed in many communities is based on providing an assortment of core household and grocery items that can be sold for $1 but still provides the business owner... Read More »