Why doesn't the 'control' key function on the Mac like it does on Windows?

Answer The reason "Select All" functions differently than it does in Windows (the Control Key) is because it's OS X (the Command Key)!!! And, if you tried using the Command Key for about a week, it would... Read More »

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I bought lumia 720 and within 4 days the phone doesnt function ... just shows black screen...what to do?

Take it back to the shop, its simply just a faulty unit. They should give you a brand new one as its still within the 30 day return policy, so it will be fine.

Function of a Powertrain Control Module?

The powertrain control module, a computerized automotive component that is generally located under a vehicle seat, is essential to the functioning of the engine's system. If it is not performing pr... Read More »

What Is the Function of the Transmission Control Solenoid?

Your vehicle's transmission transfers power generated by the engine to the drive wheels. The transmission uses a hydraulic system controlled by a group of solenoids to shift gears automatically as ... Read More »

What Is a Multi Function Control Module?

A multifunction control module is a general module used in many vehicles for handling common tasks. It is used in many types of vehicles and the components controlled by this module vary by vehicle.