Why doesn't she just delete me?

Answer Because deleting people can be deemed as childish...You like her, she don't like you. That is perfectly crystal clear. Just forget about her and move on.

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My history doesnt delete no matter what?

There's 1 more place to change your settings. In IE 8 click Tools > Internet Options, click the Content tab, in the AutoComplete section click Settings, clear the box for Address Bar, click Delete ... Read More »

Why doesnt every girl just get breat implants?

LOL....i think your an idiot but i'm going to enjoy the "feedback" you get on this one....

Ok so i just connected my cox cable box but in my t.v you can only hear it but it doesnt show the image?

So what video connections have you made if any,did you you connect the rf cable, or any other video connections.?

I just received a 7 week GSD. It doesnt know how to drink water. What should I do?

Take it back to its mother and littermates. Too young to leave them.