Why doesn't normal medicine work?

Answer I realise I'm running into a firing squad here, but I can't let this kind of thing be said without saying something.Please read my answer knowing that I don't work in the medical industry, nor in a... Read More »

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I have high bp as 140/90 how can it be normal without medicine?

it is not so high, however, you have to keep eye on you numbers. mostly, when people lose their weight (about 3~5% of you body weight) it helps dropping HBP. Good luck

Is it normal for 14 year olds to eat/drink children medicine?

It is not uncommon. I know I had difficulty swallowing pills when I was younger, so I'd have to take liquid or chewables. When I could finally swallow a pill, it had to be very small (Aleve was t... Read More »

Marijuana is proving to be better medicine than my prescription. Normal?

Totally normal. Marijuana gives a better balance between pain relief and still remaining coherent. With rx'es I was always so f'ed up it wasnt funny, but I would still be in pain. I still have p... Read More »

Why doesnt it work!?