Why doesn't my microphone record any more?

Answer Hey there First check you inlets and hardware , May they are not working also check any wires missing in the mic. If above all os ok than try change the setting of sound . Like linein and Line out ... Read More »

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What kind of microphone should i use to record my vocals?

Why do you need a condenser microphone? Condenser mics are typically reserved for studio use where the ambient sound is highly controlled and tuned to eliminate unwanted sounds.The Heil PR Series ... Read More »

Can I record with a microphone using this jack converter?

It should work, but :-)It a lot of weight to pin on trying to plug into your fragile microphone jack in a PC. I'd look for a cable instead.

How to Use a Built in Microphone to Record Audio?

Many digital recorders, micro-cassette recorders and computers come equipped with built-in microphones to record audio that require no hands-on set-up at all---simply hit record and start speaking ... Read More »

How can I record my voice on Windows XP without a microphone?

It is impossible to record YOUR voice on any computer without a microphone. Mics are cheap, under $5 on eBay. If using a microphone is out of the question, then you can use a mobile device like a c... Read More »