Why doesn't my ipod work!?

Answer did you buy it at a $2 shop

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Ipod repair - I went for a swim with my ipod! i let it dry for past 2 days, buyt still doesnt work. Any ideas?

I hate to say this... buy the exact same one from walmart... wait a week and return the broken one!

Is it worth buying an ipod if it doesnt work anymore after 2 years?

My iPod froze up and it wont work and the computer doesnt let me restore it. What do i Do?

hold down menu and the center- It happens to mine All the time

Why doesnt my ipod stay charged?

first.... let the battery be dead..then charge it and look if the green goes up... when its full, take it off.... this is what happenes to me.. i charge it but the battery stays the same. so keep o... Read More »