Why doesn't my ipad 2 turn on when the charger is not in?

Answer Your battery is dead. Plug it in and wait for at least 4 hours to recharge. If it doesn't turn on after that, you may need to have your battery replaced. The Apple Store can do that for you.

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My charger is not charging my iPad and my iPad has no charge but the charger is charging my friends iPad 2 what might be the problem?

Take your iPad the Apple Store, They may be a Problem with the 30pin Connecter on your iPad.

When you open the iPad smart cover for the iPad 2 will it turn on automatically?

My computer charger doesnt work sometimes?

It may be 2 things. The pin head on the actual laptop. Or the fact that the piece on the cgarger which the pin goes into has been stretched (MOST LIKELY).Hope this helps!ThanksNickPlease join me on... Read More »

Alright so my mp3 will charge but when i take it off the charger it goes off and want turn on please help?

You need to replace the battery it is not holding the charge