Why doesn't my facebook work at school ?

Answer ur using ur schools network & they most likely blocked that site along w/ myspace lots of schools do this.

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How to watch youtube videos at school. Ive used a proxy and it still doesnt work. The video never loads?

How do I change the one line it says like where you work or go to school under my name on facebook?

you cant really control that, other than going to where you edit them, and selecting "only me" for who can see thembut they will still appear on external websites that are using facebook's opengrap... Read More »

My school blocks facebook and the proxy websites dont work help me out please!!!!!!!?

You don't, Use school computers for school work. Facebook will have to wait until you get home from school. You will be in violation of school computer usage policy your putting yourself at risk of... Read More »

How do I make it so the "message" button doesnt show up on my facebook profile?

go into your settings and the only way to change it is to only allow friends or people who know you to message you