Why doesn't my drive eject my cd's?

Answer There is a little hole that you can stick a paper clip in to eject it. I had that problem once. It might need a cleaning.

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My cd drive won't open!! when i push eject button in cd rom. what should i do?

Get in really close...closer! Now have a good look at the front of the drive, it will have a tiny hole there on the front. Push something tiny in there..Usually a straightened paper clip or similar... Read More »

How can i burn movies if my computer doesnt have a dvd drive?

Just put in a cd and hope really hard that it'll work!You obviously can't. Think they have dvd drive attachments that you can buy and connect to your current computer (through a usb port?). Other t... Read More »

My usb flash drive doesnt work on Win98 O/S, why?

you most likely dont have 2.0 drivers or hardware and you probably dont have USB mass storage drivers. might be time to upgrade. and ME doesnt like mass USB drives either.

Why doesnt my external hard drive appear when plugged into my PC?

Cool! No body here is genius!We're just friendsIf no disconnection found try thisStart=> control panel => add new hardwareThe computer should identify all plug and play appliances attached like you... Read More »