Why doesn't my dishwasher clean very well?

Answer there are approximatly 2 vacuum cleaners sold a year

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How well does the Bosch dishwasher really clean?

On One Hand: Excellent Overall Quality.The Bosch brand has long been synonymous with both high quality and a high price tag, and the 2009 line of dishwashers indeed lives up to both expectations. W... Read More »

How do you clean dishwasher out when you don't use it often and you put your hand wash dishes back in the dishwasher and there is black forming back on the clean dish?

I suggest running the dishwasher with detergent and about a quarter cup of laundry bleach. Let run the full cycle at high heat. Even if a dishwasher is not used often there is still moisture in it,... Read More »

My radiator doesnt get very hot any ideas?

Difficult to answer this as there is very little information, if this is a new problem it could be air (one tip - do NOT bleed your radiators with the heating system switched on, the pump can suck ... Read More »

D my dishwasher a month Very disatisfied Wanted to bring it back to upgrade The BOSCH model purchased is worst dishwasher ever Can you help upgrade to better model?