Why doesn't my digital tv converter box work with cable?

Answer OTA is modulated differently. You cant pump cable into a converter box and expect a picture/sound. NTSC is old standards, Quam is the new. The converter box allows conversion from new standards to ... Read More »

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Will cable TV work with a digital converter box?

A digital converter box converts an analog broadcast signal into a digital one. It is designed to attach to an antenna, not to cable television. The signal carried by cable television is digital, s... Read More »

Will a TV converter box work with cable TV?

If you have cable television, you do not need a converter box. Converter boxes allow customers who have analog televisions but do not subscribe to a cable or satellite service to receive digital si... Read More »

Digital converter Do all work with all tvs?

You have to have your TV on channel 3 or 4 (whatever the output of the converter box is, and it may be switchable). You then change channels on the converter box.But, the converter box will work wi... Read More »

Will a tv antenna work with a cable converter box?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says that generally most TV antennas will work with a cable converter box. If there are problems or an antenna does not receive UHF signals (channel 14 a... Read More »