Why doesn't my digital tv converter box work with cable?

Answer OTA is modulated differently. You cant pump cable into a converter box and expect a picture/sound. NTSC is old standards, Quam is the new. The converter box allows conversion from new standards to ... Read More »

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Will cable TV work with a digital converter box?

A digital converter box converts an analog broadcast signal into a digital one. It is designed to attach to an antenna, not to cable television. The signal carried by cable television is digital, s... Read More »

I have a cable converter box not a digital one but one to get cable how do i hook it up im 13 so be nice?

Sorry but my dad did it.. But go online and google it or read the manual

When the TV signal goes digital why don't you need a converter box if you have cable?

Cable and satellite providers are required to support analog viewers until 2012. Not all cable systems are currently digital, however the cable boxes currently in use do output analog signals for ... Read More »

Do I need a digital converter box if i have Comcast cable?

If you are receiving your television programming from a cable service such as Comcast, you do not need a digital converter box to continue to do so. However, if you wish to take advantage of certai... Read More »