Why doesn't my crossfire setup work?

Answer Go to one of the online Power Supply calculators and type in each and every component of your computer to know the total power requirement. Add 10% to that to know your required power supply. http:... Read More »

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Doesnt this prove that 9/11 is setup or not real?

The film is not proof, but it is good to open peoples' eyes.The film does not present not a complete picture. If it made you ask questions, it met its goals. I suggest further reading. Sites I li... Read More »

How do you get alpha centuri alien crossfire to work on windows XP since the original works fine?

It's Obsidian, the black stone brick. Though, you have to do more than just building the teleporter...

Why doesnt it work!?

Why doesnt my scanner work?

You did not mention your laptop make and model or your Operating System (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox,etc) So I'll offer you this much ; Click on Start > Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras . Make... Read More »