Why doesn't my copy/paste work on my MacBook?

Answer You cannot copy and paste a YouTube video, but rather embed one into an email if you have HTML enabled email.Look to the right of the YouTube video, you should see Embed followed by a string of let... Read More »

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I put my macbook in the bath and now it doesnt work?

LMAO. I hope this is a joke.I can't believe you seriously put your computer in the bathtub?ummm, sweetie. you broke it. it's water damaged....sorry.

Why doesnt it work!?

My Volume doesnt work!?

Hello, To fix sound problem in windows . Reinstall drivers and any software, if this does not fix it then use the links below...This site is known for finding drivers when others can not http://www... Read More »

Why doesnt internet work?

I almost guarantee it is one of three things.1. Try a different browser, all you have listed is firefox, does it do the same thing with internet explorer, or google chrome? There is malware design... Read More »