Why doesn't my computer turn on?

Answer Ignore the jokey replies. Almost certain to be a power supply fault. If laptop, try new power supply adapter. This probably won't work, in which case the power supply section on the mother board h... Read More »

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My computer goes to sleep and the screen goes black but doesnt turn on again?

it also happen to me..dunno what to do then i just reboot my notebook to solve it..oh no!!don't say that you are using a Asus notebook model too!!!

My t.v doesnt turn on!!!!?

Android mid intex envy doesnt turn on even if it is fully charged?

It sounds like you may have zapped your phone, maybe scrambled the BIOS or something....see if you can externally update the BIOS of the phone to copy a new clean version back onto your phone from ... Read More »

What is wrong with my vonage decive the phone lights doesnt turn on?

go to the vonage user forum, there usually are able to help, because they all go thru a similar problem! would also help if you tell us what you have DSL or... Read More »