Why doesnt my USB fit into my computer?

Answer The socket may have physical damage, or the plug...

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Why doesnt insurance carry over if you havent gotten into an accident?

Answer An Insurance policy is a contract. The contract renewal has nothing to do with the activity of the policy. Most policies are automatic renewal, as long as the premium deposit has been paid... Read More »

Why doesnt my external hard drive appear when plugged into my PC?

Cool! No body here is genius!We're just friendsIf no disconnection found try thisStart=> control panel => add new hardwareThe computer should identify all plug and play appliances attached like you... Read More »

My computer doesnt have any usb ports?

Yes, there is something you can buy.. an up to date computer. You most likely can add usb ports to your computer, but if is so old that it doesn't have any then they probably would not work very we... Read More »

My computer doesnt recognize my ipod?

It's more like your IPOD doesn't recognize your computer. IPODS come with a very simple how to guidebook. Read it.