Why doesn't my Samsung Galaxy S2 connect to my home wifi?

Answer I happens many times - Have you tried re-booting the router. I had a similar problem with a Kindle (just stopped working one day). A re-boot sorted it.

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How do U connect a Samsung Galaxy Player to a locked wifi connection ?

Well, the wireless access point in her house does not accept the password. That can really only mean that the password is wrong. Double/triple check for capital/small letters etc. You can possibly ... Read More »

My Samsung Galaxy W can't detect wifi.?

If its possible take it to some kind of repair center to get it checked. I work with cell phoned and have seen the problem before. The problem is that it could be 2 things1. Sometimes you need to ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy s3 Mini Help Wifi?

Will my Wifi Only Samsung galaxy tab work in Brazil?

Yeap it will work in any country. All Wi-Fi work the same international and here in the USA.