Why doesn't my LG Vortex get network?

Answer yes; if you leave a phone plugged in for too long, then the battery begins to overheat and will ultimately lose its life, thus giving you a shorter battery life.

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Dish Network remote doesnt work!?

Perhaps your satellite went off. Push the SAT button. If it is not that push the live tv button. Are the lights on the remote steady or blinking. If they are blinking then your batteries need chang... Read More »

How do you fix a dish network tv that says press select to continue but when you do it doesnt work?

If you are unable to get the screen saver message off your TV, the remote either needs to be readdressed to the receiver or you need a new remote. Before I give you instructions on how to readdress... Read More »

Cant access celluar network on iPhone 3G On the signal bar it doesnt say tmobile just a T with a dash and three dots next to it?

How disc brakes doesnt allow the vehicle to skid when it doesnt have any sensors at the wheels like ABS?

ABS and disk brakes are not mutually exclusive. Most modern cars with disk brakes have ABS - commonly the wheel speed sensor is mounted on or near the brake caliper.Per your edit: That also doesn't... Read More »