Why doesn't my CD that I just burned erase?

Answer Are they Memorex? They've been know to do that.Iv'e had disks go bad after 10-15 rewrites.If you use Windows XP's built-in CD burning software, you cannot delete or rename individual files on a CD-... Read More »

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I just ate a bunch of burned chicken nuggets Can that give one cancer?

No it wont give you cancer.There has been rumors that eating charcoaled burnt meat on a barbeque.can cause pancreatic.cancer.I have not read any solid proof of it though

Can you erase a burned CD?

Writable CDs come in two distinct formats: CD-R and CD-RW. CD-R stands for CD recordable, while CD-RW stands for CD rewritable. Data on CD-Rs cannot be erased. However, data on CD-RWs can be erased... Read More »

If you have a burned cd, can you erase the songs and make it blank?

if that was possible, cd companies would run out of business...why? because everyone can erase old cds and reuse them...sorry :(

I just burned myself, plz help?

ice is correct. just keep ice on for 15 min or less