How do you fix your sound when you plug a head phone but then when you take it out it doesnt work wWhy?

Answer Because the connector from your headphones is not in the socket, therefore the audio current cannot travel to your headphone speakers, and the headphone will not emit any noise.

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Why when I hit print screen it doesnt work?

On most computers, the only thing that the Print Screen button does is take a snapshot of the current screen and posts it to your computer's clipboard. If you want to print the screen, go to the Pa... Read More »

When Caster oil doesnt work is nipple stimulation better?

I'm 37 weeks and am experiencing the same thing. I wake up in the middle of the night with lower back pain and then all day feel as though I have to go, but can't. So I think this is probably normal.

What does it mean when your phone doesnt work?

Just that a lot of lines were being used. That happened on 9/11 when i tried to call my husband in New york. Just too many people on the phone at one time

I saw a commerical to win a naruto headband, when i try to go on the site it doesnt work! Help!?

the real website is