Why doesnt internet work cont...?

Answer I just posted on your previous question on this issue so you may want to check that out. Also I forgot to mention to try this as well. Open start - in the run window (or search) type "CMD"black c... Read More »

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Why doesnt internet work?

I almost guarantee it is one of three things.1. Try a different browser, all you have listed is firefox, does it do the same thing with internet explorer, or google chrome? There is malware design... Read More »

Internet doesnt work on Google Chrome?

I would suggest that you uninstalled and reinstalled your Antivirus as it seems to be the cause of the trouble.…Or perhaps it could be your Firewall block... Read More »

When i hook up my router my internet on my computer doesnt work but it works wireless?

If you connect your PC to your router via Ethernet cable, it should over-ride the WiFi connection settings.This is all fully explained in the Router User Manual.If Ethernet doesn't work, don't assu... Read More »

Why doesnt motorola dsl modem 3360 connect to internet?

Actually, with DSL service, you don't need to provide the mac address or serial number to your provider. However, the fact that you "think" your old modem died, and this new modem doesn't work eit... Read More »