Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the glue bottle?

Answer Another great and puzzling question. Why doesn't glue stick inside of the glue bottle.Glue on paper: As the glue connects with oxygen it becomes sticky and if left to dry in this oxygen it becomes ... Read More »

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Why does glue not stick to the inside of the bottle?

Glue in the Bottle Because air can't get in to dry it; if you leave the top off for long enough it will start to dry inside.

Is a glue stick better than liquid glue?

There are advantages to both, and it depends entirely upon what the glue is being used for.

Ac doesnt blow cool air inside.?

It's probably not a freon issue. If it didn't work, then worked and now isn't working again, I'd think something else is the problem.Since you don't give us any details on what you have - we can o... Read More »

What is the secret to making perfect pasta that doesnt stick together?

First off, don't use oil. I watch Foot Network all the time and you know this. The main reason pasta sticks is this ........ CHEAP PASTA STICKS ! Buy a high quality pasta brand like Barilla and you... Read More »