Why doesn’t everyone understand Wikipedia isn’t reliable?

Answer Yes, I find it very funny how people believe every thing they read on the internet must be true!

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Why doesnt anyone here ask wikipedia first?

This is a sort of stepping stone on the way to becoming a good researcher. Sometimes Wikipedia policy and help pages are a bit much. Hopefully, if you ask the question here, someone who understands... Read More »

Is there anything wikipedia doesnt know?

My son is 2.5 years old and he hasn't started talking nor does he understand our language He doesnt even say mum or dad What should I do?

Every child at a different rate! Don't worry, just keep pouring in knowledge...every little bit helps!Another view:I have to strongly disagree with the first answer that says "don't worry". At this... Read More »

Is wikipedia really that reliable?

Yes, Wikipedia is reliable. Although I would never use it as a cited source, the External links sections of the pages are quite good. Also, if you need some background on a topic, I would definit... Read More »