Why doesn't anyone use google?

Answer I have seen a couple of these questions in previous days. Actually pple do ask some simple questions that can be easily found by googling them. like, which is better between windows vista ultimate... Read More »

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Why doesnt anyone on here google things?

i agree; refer all idiots to ths page

Internet doesnt work on Google Chrome?

I would suggest that you uninstalled and reinstalled your Antivirus as it seems to be the cause of the trouble.…Or perhaps it could be your Firewall block... Read More »

My twitter account doesnt show up when search on google! 10 POINTS!!!?

you need to add your twitter on google directory again. search on google by typing add url to google. then add the url of your twitter account. it will take about one day to show on google again. a... Read More »

How can i make it so google chrome doesnt open a new tab every time i click on a link?

I had this problem Yesterday, Try deleting your browsing data! it worked for me :)