Why doesn't anyone here know how to use correct english?

Answer Because there are many people here whose first language isn't English even if it doesn't seem like it.

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Why doesnt anyone here ask wikipedia first?

This is a sort of stepping stone on the way to becoming a good researcher. Sometimes Wikipedia policy and help pages are a bit much. Hopefully, if you ask the question here, someone who understands... Read More »

Why doesnt anyone on here google things?

i agree; refer all idiots to ths page

Anyone here know how to create a flash website?

Well ... this is the solution ...You learn to programming , but I don't think this is your idea . :D:Dor try a website builder, a web service that lets you create your website or Web Content with ... Read More »

Anyone here know about Feng Shui?

Yes, I'm a bit new to Feng Shui, but my gut reaction is that you maybe need to partition your room metaphorically so that you have the rectangle to apply the bangua map to, and you treat the alcove... Read More »