Why doesn't anyone here know how to use correct english?

Answer Because there are many people here whose first language isn't English even if it doesn't seem like it.

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The Correct Use of the Apostrophe in English?

The apostrophe has three primary uses in the English language: to form possessive nouns, to represent one or two omitted letters in contractions, and to indicate plurals or lowercase letters.

Is hypothesised the correct spelling for UK English?

The American spelling is "hypothesized," while the UK spelling is "hypothesised." Many words that have a final "ze" in American English have a final "se" in UK English. There are many other spellin... Read More »

How to Teach a Learner of English Correct Word Stress?

You may have a friend or colleague from another country, who speaks pretty well, but seems to just sound wrong sometimes. You want to help, but don't know what's wrong or how to correct him. It mig... Read More »

How disc brakes doesnt allow the vehicle to skid when it doesnt have any sensors at the wheels like ABS?

ABS and disk brakes are not mutually exclusive. Most modern cars with disk brakes have ABS - commonly the wheel speed sensor is mounted on or near the brake caliper.Per your edit: That also doesn't... Read More »