Why doesn't anyone comment on my YouTube video?

Answer Sub for sub I'm joshgkid

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How do you reply to someone's comment on a YouTube video using an iPad 2?

Have you ever recieved a rude comment on a video or a mean PM on YouTube?

Um yea, I'm a youtube partner, I have over 8 million video views, I couldn't possibly list everything people have said to me but they include things like... fat, ugly, sluut, btch, stupid, pig, idi... Read More »

Why would someone leave a nasty comment on my youtube video i made for my friends?

because some people are just jerks by nature and that is how they get their jollies

Does anyone know, why I can't comment on Youtube, they want me to change my name!?

I had that problem about a year ago and just stayed off of it for a few months and it went away...