Why doesn't Wikipedia just pay for their own site with ads?

Answer Because then they would be accountable for the content. Any time someone gives you a big chunk of money, they feel like they own you in some way, that your deeds and words reflect on them. Have you... Read More »

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Why do a lot of people site wikipedia as their "source"?

Yeah, a lot of people feel that way. A lot of my professors are in love with Wikipedia and tell us to use it as much as we want, while others feel the way you do. The reason usually cited for using... Read More »

How do I ensure my sources are credible and site my sources, on the wikipedia article I just created?

Yahoo! Answers and word of mouth are not very credible sources, if I do say so myself. You're going to need more traditional sources to back them up.Sorry.

Radio Trivia site question: 95.7 Oldies WRIT, is anyone having problems with their site being very very slow?

I was just on it and it seems like it always is I do notice it will slow down when they are adding questions since we didn't get aol questions yesterday my guess is they are being added today

HOW is Wikipedia so fast in their atricles They just posted who won NFC championship minutes after it happend?

Wikipedia gets contributions from millions of people worldwide. ANYBODY can post stuff on wikipedia. It is surprisingly transparent in the way it takes input. It allows for easy correction of mista... Read More »