Why doesn't "Rocky Horror Picture Show" load on my computer?

Answer download vlc media player (free) and give it a shot through vlc's built in drivers

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How to Make It Through The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Welcome, welcome. So, it seems we have a Rocky Horror virgin. Please do not take the word "virgin" offensively. It simply means you have yet to go to a Rocky Horror Show! Yes, there are such things... Read More »

Can my brother and I, we are 11&12 see the Rocky Horror Show(accompanied by adults)?

Rocky horror birthday party?

Well, remember in the film they have meatloaf for dinner and this is one of the audience participation bits.

How do you load a hard copy picture onto a computer?

the correct term for this is 'uploading'. to upload a hard copy picture you got to scan it. Some printers have scanners on them otherwise you will need to invest in a scanner.