Why does youtube decide NOT to work at the WORST time possible?

Answer DLO fought SantinoHe pretty much jobbed to DLOD'LO looks alot differnt but came out to his old music. I doubt that anyone put it up yet, but I'd say tomorrow it will be up.EDIT: BT, D'Lo is no wher... Read More »

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Is the new youtube layout getting worst and worst?

It's freaking horrible now and I really don't visit YouTube that often anymore because this is just getting out of hand...

Scale of 1 - 10 (ten being the worst pain possible) how bad does labor hurt?

this is a definitive 10+...but hold on! It's a different pain, as it has a known ending and reason. And it varies, unlike say a broken bone or migraine headache. When I was in transition, in betw... Read More »

How to hide my favorites on youtube Is privacy for favorite videos in youtube possible?

to hide your favorites go to edit channel,channel design, then scroll down and you'llsee a bunch of boxes w/ check marks, uncheckthe on that says "favorite box"

Is it possible to use YouTube for storing my YouTube videos Alternatives are welcome-?

The best thing to do is to just get another hard drive and start storing on to that one.I always store my videos on a hard drive even after I put them up. That way if I need to go back and use the ... Read More »