Why does your whole family gang up on you?

Answer because ur bad dur

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Man of God please help my family it has a big problem of being suffering from being found in hospital with unknown sickness somes even the whole family at a time what can we do to get rid of this?

Everyone's urine is the same temperature as their body. Normal body temperature is 98.6.

How do I address envelopes for a whole family?

One EnvelopeWhen writing to a family and only using one envelope, address the children on the outside of the envelope so they know they are invited. "The Doe Family," "Mr. and Mrs. Doe and Family,"... Read More »

Is it important to eat dinners together as a whole family?

I think it is important. I gives everyone a chance to catch up with what is going on with each other and who has what going on the evening. Kids, especially can get into more trouble it no one is... Read More »

How to Start a Whole Family of Ghosts on the Sims 3?

When someone in your Sim family dies, the grim reaper himself appears out of nowhere and turns the deceased Sim into a ghost. If you want to create a ghost family, follow these steps.