Why does your vagina not get wet?

Answer Chronic lack of lubrication in the vagina is usually low estrogen levels. Every woman is different however, so much depends on what you mean by "wet". Lubrication is created when you get aroused an... Read More »

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Does that line going from your belly button to your vagina mean your pregnant?

If your pregnant does your vagina burn?

No. Please see your oB-GYN or planned paernthood regarding this. It may or may not be a concern.

Does your vagina feel weird after sex?

Some people might say it does, especially if they are not sexually active often.

Does the vagina of a virgin look different from the vagina of someone whos not a virgin?

You have to know the the pictures on Google are not TOO accurate, and everyone is a little different. The little bag thing is your clitoris, which was probably just a messy sketch and is really sup... Read More »