Why does your sister get so much more attention then you?

Answer Most parents love their children equal, and you must understand no 2 children are the same in nature. from an early age parents can tell which child will be able to stand on their own 2 feet and wh... Read More »

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How do you make you parents pay more attention to you than your sister?

This is a very hard situation to be in, as I know, you are obviously feeling very down and upset, it's sometimes hard to talk to you're parents about these things, so why not try to work really har... Read More »

Why the wife of a brother and the sister of a husband compete for his attention and are always at loggerheads?

This question assumes as true something that is not true, that a man's sisters-in-law are always in competition for his attention. That may be the case in some instances but is by far not usually t... Read More »

How to Stop Your Brother or Sister from Making Silly Noises to Get Your Attention?

Does your brother or sister make loud noises in your ear to get your attention? Do they think something is funny, even when it’s not and they don’t know when to stop laughing? Here’s how to d... Read More »

Why some women simply hate their husband's sister just because she is his sister i e if she weren't her sister-in-law she might get along great with her?

because women are naturally territorial. (The same may actually hold true for the sister by the way) Both of them are protective over the man and therefore it is competition at it's worst. Same pro... Read More »