Why does your refrigerator have condensation around the inside of the door?

Answer Answer Quitelikely the "weatherstripping" type material that creates a seal between the door and the fridge itself is damaged, causing moisture in the air outside your fridge to cool and collect i... Read More »

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What type plastic is a refrigerator inside door liner made of?

How do i get rid of ants Little black ones inside the house, but only around the back door.?

I hear they hate essence of peppermint... so find some and spray it around the inside perimeter of the house, then make a cleaner with it and use that to clean the counters and floors. Read More »

Does the light in your refrigerator really turn off when you shut the door?

Yup! It does. And this happens so the Tomatoes can't see the Salad Dressing! Got any Beer in the Fridge?

Does Air Circulate Inside a Refrigerator?

A refrigerator uses an evaporator, a condenser and a compressor to remove heat and cool the air inside. For any type of refrigerator, air circulation is important not only outside the appliance, bu... Read More »