Why does your period keep getting later and later?

Answer each person is different, and each person has a different lunar phase

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Why do i keep getting a recording saying please try your call again later?

It's Saturday. Either not open or understaffed

Can you still be pregnant if you had unprotected sex and it was the day after your period and a month later you had a period but are having symptoms?

If there was one sex act a day after your period and you had a regular period one month later...then you are not likely pregnant. If there have been undisclosed sex acts that would significantly ch... Read More »

What does it mean if your period starts at its normal time but stops hours later?

Answer Could have been implantation bleeding if pregnancy is a possibility for you go get an at home test or make a doctors appointment for a blood test to see what is going on hope everything wor... Read More »

What should you do if you start a new pack to skip your period and you still have a period a few days later?

Many are not. Check with your doctor before taking any medication while pregnant.