Why does your marrow vegetable keep going mouldy?

Answer Answer are they on the ground? try building a fence and sort of hand the vines on it so that the marrows dont touch the ground

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Can living people go mouldy?

Mould is the common word for any fungus that grows on food or damp materials. Mould can be black, white or almost any colour. It often looks like a stain or smudge and it may smell musty.There is a... Read More »

How does a fridge keep food from going mouldy?

Bacteria and fungi don't like living at such cold temperatures, just like us. By keeping food at

What's the best way to stop the silicone going mouldy in the shower?

Silicone is the worst thing you can use in you're shower. Next time you are in the position to have to replace it because of mold that gets trapped in it replace it with grout. Just like what you u... Read More »

Mouldy bread smell in wardrobe?

Empty the wardrobe, wash down the inside with a solution of warm water and white vinegar. This should neutralise the smell. I would also suggest a bag of pot purri hanging from the clothing rail, i... Read More »