Why does your ice taste funny that comes from your ice maker?

Answer Answer because you might have used hard or tap water to fill up the water tank there for making the ice taste like the water which tastes funny

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Funny Smell From Ice Maker?

Ice makers in refrigerator units or standalone appliances can be very useful -- after all, they produce ice on demand. Generally speaking, most ice makers work well with very little assistance from... Read More »

Why does popcorns taste funny?

Why does scallop have a funny taste?

I think the scallop is not fresh. That is why your tongue is feeling a rubbery texture when you were chewing the scallop. Fresh scallop should taste very close to crab meat and has a resilience (el... Read More »

Why do liquids suddenly taste funny?

you may have faulty taste buds. See your doctor if it continues.