Why does your iPad 2 keep switching off?

Answer There is no quick way to delete multiple emails. You can delete the account and recreate it if it is a POP3 account. This will erase all the emails.

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Is it bad for your eyes to keep switching glasses?

Hello,My boyfriend is actually an eye doctor and we have talked about this. What he told me is that it IS bad to keep switching eye glasses because the eyes always focus with a certain prescriptio... Read More »

Why does my monitor keep switching its self off?

You probably need to change you power settings, Go to Control Panel then, Power Settings, And change the Monitor settings to NeverIf that does not work you need a new monitor because it probably ju... Read More »

Why does my wireless internet keep switching off?

I think your problem may be corrected by creating a bridge connection... (ie) you CREATE A NEW CONNECTION from MY NETWORK PLACES by filling up all the required data like username and password provi... Read More »

Why does my TV keep switching it's self off and on?